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New York or the Big Apple

New York, known as the city that never sleeps, has become in recent years a tourist destination in the United States that you must visit yes or yes.

New York City is immense and, therefore, it is necessary to prepare ourselves to make the trip without setbacks. Flights, hotels, entertainment and more is what we will find in the following paragraphs with the sole purpose of turning our stay in the Big Apple into one of the best experiences.

Choosing the ideal accommodation in New York is not something simple since the offer is very high. Basically, it will depend on the number of people your travel group is made up of and the budget you have to choose where to stay in New York.

As in most U.S. cities, there are several lodging options. Hotels, hostels and even apartments are waiting for our visit.

In New York City alone, there are more than 30 neighborhoods. In all of them we will find places where we can spend the night. Each area has peculiar characteristics, however, the most expensive lodgings are in the most well-known and noisiest neighborhoods, while the cheap accommodations in New York are in the most remote and quieter neighborhoods.

For example, the hotels located in Midtown Manhattan are located in one of the noisiest areas of the city, but also very close to important tourist attractions such as St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Grand Central Station and the Museum of Modern Art.

On the other hand, in the Lower East Side we will find accommodation in one of the quietest, and also oldest, areas of New York. Still, close of the area there are some areas of tourist interest such as the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty and the Chinatown neighborhood.

In New York you will always find something to do, so getting bored is not an option if you visit this city. Apart from the famous tourist attractions that it has, there are other activities that can be done within the city such as those that we present below.

It is full of attractions of tourist interest that we can not miss. The fame of many of these places is such that on more than one occasion they served as the setting for the highest grossing films.

We start with Times Square, perhaps the best known place in New York City. It is currently accompanied by dozens of advertising panels and lights that adorn the street during the day and night.

The Statue of Liberty is located in New York and is a place of interest par excellence. It measures 93 meters high and the only way to visit it is to cross the sea aboard a ferry to Liberty Island.

One of the largest parks in the world is Central Park and is located within the borders of New York City. You will need more than a day to tour the 340 hectares of surface it has. If you want to have an encounter with nature within New York, Central Park is the right place.

Another of the activities preferred by tourists visiting the city is to contemplate the Skyline of New York, a spectacle that no one can miss.

New York is incredible, and it has been the scene of a lot of film productions. Therefore, many tourists enjoy visiting the scenes of the films shot in New York, those of the television series and, of course, the places where the famous live in New York.

It is almost certain that every day we will find a show in one of the districts that make up New York City. The most requested are Broadway Musicals to which a reservation must be made no less than 2 months in advance. In addition, there is a circus show provided by the Cirque du Soleil permanently called Paramour.

Sports are no stranger to the Big Apple. The locals are fans of baseball, basketball and American football. The most important matches of the tournaments end with sold out tickets in a short time so if we want to be part of the New York fanaticism for sports we can buy tickets for sporting events in New York and enjoy them like the locals.

New York is also a cultural city and all the museums it has confirm this. The most important is the Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of the 10 most visited museums worldwide, followed by the Museum of Modern Art known as MoMA, the Museum of Natural History and the Museum in honor of September 11.

Helicopter rides in New York are an experience that must be done at all costs when visiting the city. And it is that seeing Central Park surrounded by huge buildings and the docks of the city from the air is something that you can not miss.

If we want to take a boat ride we can also do it, the boats leave the different docks of the city and take a walk around the sea around the Statue of Liberty. Undoubtedly, an excellent way to get to know one of the most representative symbols of New York and the United States.

New York is one of the cities preferred by people who are looking for a total renovation of the wardrobe background. Normally, prices are extremely varied and clothing has nothing to envy to others in terms of quality. And the outlets, what to say about the outlets in New York… It would not be the first time I took an empty suitcase and brought it full…

The most popular area to buy clothes is located on Fifth Avenue, where the most famous shops in the world are located.

In addition to clothing, in New York you can buy technological devices at a much lower price than we find in our countries of origin. Cameras, computers, mobile phones, among others, can be found without much effort while walking the streets of the city.

The gastronomic offer of New York is quite attractive due to the variety of dishes and prices. Being hungry is not something you can say in New York, even when money is a factor against it.

In New York it is just as easy to find a $3 burger stand than exclusive gourmet dishes that can easily exceed $100 per serving.

Street food stalls in New York are located on almost every corner of the busiest areas. The most popular recipes are pizzas and hot dogs, which are usually priced at $2. Despite this, they often take advantage of tourists to raise the price. That is why you should compare before deciding, since you have a lot of offer.

Remember that the native citizens of New York are hagglers par excellence, so a practice that will help you save money on our trip is to find the lowest prices of food in New York thanks to haggling.

The best areas to eat in New York are the Chinatown neighborhood, where we will find Asian food in all the places in the area, Little Italy, Italian neighborhood specialized in the preparation of pastas and pizzas and Times Square, where we will find gourmet and typical food of the area.

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