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Turkey is a country rich in history, culture, full of smells and flavors. The country has places you’ll love; whether you are a lover of history or if you just want to know a culture completely different from the West. Due to its strategic position, located between Europe and Asia as well as between three …

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Located between the Apennines and the Tyrrhenian Sea and is also known as the Eternal City. It is a city full of monuments and where you can breathe art, where the ancient mixes with the modern. The Italian capital is one of the oldest cities in Europe. In fact, its history spans more than 2,500 …

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Captivating, charming and poetic, Paris is the romantic city par excellence. Nothing more pleasant than getting lost in its streets and alleys to gallantize. Walking hand in hand from Montmartre to Saint-Germain, passing through the Saint-Martin canal or the Marais, reveals the magic of the city. Hundreds of songs, poems and films: the City of …

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The most accepted thesis today about the origin of the word Madrid suggests that it derives from the Romance language: matrich, which means matrix, in the sense of water matrix or spring. … The abundance of wells and streams, made that in the primitive Madrid coat of arms there is this legend: «I went on …

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