Oliverio Tours

About Us

Oliverio Tours was born taking tourists to discover the Colombian Pacific. He started with Don Oliverio Perez Narvaez in 1973. Passionate about teaching and sharing with others the natural treasures of the Pacific coast, Don Oliverio personally took tourists by bus to the port of Buenaventura; and from there to Juanchaco and Ladrilleros. His passion, his avant-garde and humanistic vision made him a pioneer of the nascent tourism industry of the time. The people of few resources, through low weekly quotas managed to fulfill their dream of traveling and knowing the sea.

A total success, the project was extended to the island of Bocagrande in Tumaco, where thousands of people who had never boarded a plane went on vacation.

From success to success, it radiated to the Caribbean and the Atlantic coast. Oliverio Tours is also recognized for having been the founder of the tourist chivas, where the rumbas of Cali and the salsa shows were shown, which boosted the nightlife that is known today as the world capital of salsa referring to the city of Santiago de Cali.

Oliverio Tours is a family business that has more than 40 years of experience fulfilling the dreams and desires of traveling through Colombia and the world.

Santiago Perez, an economist from the University of the Andes, son of Oliverio who joined in the 1990s, is the manager of the most traditional travel agency in Cali. Married and father of two children, he loves to explore the world and like Don Oliverio in his time, transmit his passion and serve others.

Santiago is known for his warmth, kindness, generosity and always at the service of others.