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Coffee Region Quindio

The department of Quindío and Seville and Caicedonia in the Valle del Cauca, are municipalities nestled in the coffee mountains that will transport you to an experience full of adventure, nature, rest and of course, excellent coffee.

Known as the Green Department of Colombia, it is the heart of the Coffee Cultural Landscape declared a World Heritage Site.

Although the most beautiful and touristic municipalities are Salento with its spectacular Cocora Valley and Finlandia, in times of much tourism it is very difficult to travel them and you will have to endure large lines to reach them or find parking, so we recommend you visit other towns in the mountain range that are quieter and have beautiful landscapes such as Buenavista and Pijao (which is part of the slow cities).  On the way you will be surrounded by greenery and beautiful landscapes.

The most touristic site in Quindío is the Coffee National Park that has thematic and mechanical attractions.   For young people and boys it is the ideal place for its roller coasters, rapids, etc., but if you are one of those who want to find the magic of the coffee area, we recommend you inside the park to take the walking tour where they show you the crops and a small sample of the Coffee process.  Not to be missed is the Coffee Show, which I consider the best of the Park.

Another of our favorite sites is the Coffee Culture Tour «Recuca», it is an experiential tour of the history of coffee.

If you are an animal lover, do not miss the Panaca Park and the Butterfly Garden.

Raft along the river la vieja: A spectacular walk and different from all.

The region also lends itself to birdwatching: about 600 species are present in Quindío.

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