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San Andres

San Andrés and Providencia is the sea of the seven colors and the barracuda of the blue eyes; are some of the names with which this paradise embedded in the Caribbean Sea has also been baptized, which, in November 2000, was declared by UNESCO as a Seaflower Biosphere Reserve. Time is short to visit the blower hole and enjoy its white beaches.

The typical dances of the islanders reached the islands of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, during the colonization of 1627 to 1641. The English settlers brought their music and their typical dances, which we know today as: El Shottise, Mento, Polka, Jumping Polka, Calypso and Mazurca.

Its gastronomy is based on snails, lobsters, shrimp, feather and red snapper, black crabs and trout are the most abundant species in the area, and the inhabitants of the islands prepare succulent recipes with aromatic plants and species that occur in the area such as ginger, cloves and cinnamon. Coconut is the protagonist of most of the dishes due to its great abundance on the islands.


From Cameron, Casa Blanca, Arena Blanca, Dorado, Portofino, Americas and Tiuna.

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