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When it comes to showing the best of Colombia, the city of Medellín will always appear at the top of the list, because Medellín is worth showing and because every day it has something new to show a world that remains avid and curious about the different.

And it is that Medellín is a different city, its climate is of a perfect pleasure that with the kindness of its inhabitants reaches the best of temperatures and where the visitor, wherever he comes from, will always feel at ease.

Medellín is the best of the host cities that always keeps its house adorned for the total enjoyment of tourism in Colombia and so that simply, whoever stays under its inspiring sky, falls in love.

But this one, which was baptized as «The beautiful villa», is a perfect combination between an atmosphere that still refuses to abandon its essence of a rigging town and a metropolis that develops at great speeds. Medellín perfectly represents the mettle and strength of a race that knew how to make its way through the rugged but very green mountains and before the ferocity of the bears.

The capital of the department of Antioquia, also called «The capital of the mountain», «La tacita de plata» and is not another example among tourist destinations, is a great city that plans each of its movements because it always thinks about the future of its inhabitants with works that provide them with comfort and quality of life. Medellín is an example of development for the country and for a world that sees with very good eyes and great pleasure, the transformation of this coquettish and complete city.

This city is proud of its inhabitants who do not envy the big capitals. Medellín is a place that invites you to dream and that many have chosen to inhabit until the end of their days.

Its beautiful women, its works created with social conscience and the human warmth of its people, are attributes that easily seduce those who dare to walk its streets and enter each of its buildings; because like Medellín, read well, there are not two.

This is a land that embraces and comforts, it is a place where many have proven that dreams are possible and that by breathing their air, life is better lived.

Medellín is poetry made city but it is also synonymous with concrete works; its squares, libraries, avenues, transport, cultural and sports venues and public companies, have made it worthy in recent years of the highest global distinction of innovation.

This city, an example to follow of tourism in Colombia, knows how to show each of its charms very well because it seduces and catches; this beautiful town remains haughty but hardworking, it is a city that does not sleep but that offers its inhabitants and visitors a placid rest and at the same time, a frenzy without comparison. Medellin is the most beautiful flower that doesn’t know it’s wilting.

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