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Los Angeles

Los Angeles is not only a modern city in the United States, but it adds to modernity the right dose of culture, history and entertainment that make it a city in which anyone would like to live.

It is the second most populous city in the North American country with about 4 million inhabitants. The inhabitants of Los Angeles are generous and fascinating people capable of helping us in any situation even without knowing each other.

The accommodation options in Los Angeles are very diverse and choosing the one that suits us best will depend on the area in which we want to stay and our budget. Unfortunately, being a relatively large city, we will have serious complications to find a place that is located close to all the places we want to visit.

Most people choose to look for a hotel in Hollywood, however, experience tells us that in Beverly Hills we will find alternatives with the same amenities at a cheaper price.

In the city of Los Angeles we will not only find places of tourist interest, but we can also visit beaches, shopping centers, houses in which famous people live and many other places that will leave us more than surprised.

The main tourist attractions of Los Angeles are related to the world of cinema. One of the things everyone wants to do when arriving in Los Angeles is to visit Hollywood Boulevard, a street on which the Walk of Fame of the renowned Hollywood actors is located, all in front of the well-known Kodak Theater.

Downtown Los Angeles brings together the city’s main, and tallest, buildings. In this area we will find the famous Walt Disney auditorium and the US Bank Tower, the skyscraper that thanks to its 310 meters is the tallest in all of Los Angeles and one of the tallest in all of North America.

The beach circuit in Santa Monica is also a mandatory stop in Los Angeles, there is the pier pier that appears in many of the Hollywood movies.

The Griffith Observatory is also a place of reference. You must visit it yes or yes when you are in Los Angeles. From this place we will have a privileged view of the city and the sky.

The shows of Los Angeles take place throughout the year, always in emblematic places of the city such as the Chinese Theater, known worldwide as the cinema in which the most important films produced in Hollywood are premiered.

At Universal Studios we will find fascinating shows related to Universal’s most emblematic films. It is also possible to visit the facilities of the production company and see what is the process that the films follow before being released.

Attending a show held at the Walt Disney Concert Hall is an indescribable experience, not only because of the quality of the shows offered in Los Angeles, but also because it is a place with amazing finishes that are worth photographing.

The sports played in Los Angeles are the same as in the rest of the United States. There is an irrefutable preference for Football, Basketball and Hockey.

Excursions in Los Angeles are very requested by visitors to the city as it is one of the most economical ways to get to know a sector of the city in a short time. There are tours that take us through the emblematic points of the city, others that take a tour of the houses of the famous who live in Los Angeles, among others.

The city of Los Angeles is one of the most visited when it comes to shopping in the United States. The main demand is both second-hand and exclusive clothing.

In Los Angeles we will find a huge number of outlet stores, stores in which only clothes that are out of season or have some tiny damage are sold. In this type of store the price of clothes is usually much lower than what is paid in a store with seasonal clothes.

If we want to buy clothes of exclusive brands we have to go to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills since there are stores of recognized brands. While the most complete outlets in Los Angeles, Citadel Outlets and Outlets Camarillo, are located on the outskirts of the city due to the large space they occupy.

In Los Angeles we will not only find gastronomic offers typical of the United States, but the large influx of immigrants who arrived with their culture turned the Angelina gastronomy around and today you can find typical dishes from different countries.

If we want to eat in classic restaurants in Los Angeles, we will have to look in Hollywood since it is one of the oldest districts in the city. Restaurants that opened a century ago can be found very easily in this area.

Chinatown is the ideal place to taste Asian cuisine without leaving Los Angeles. We will also find Chinese shops and decoration typical of oriental culture, in short, a Chinese city to scale.

On the streets of Santa Monica we can find modern restaurants that serve fusion food at an affordable price. In the coastal area and in the most visited points of the city we will find hot dog stalls and pizzas with prices from 2 dollars.

One of the reasons to visit Los Angeles is its excellent weather. Throughout the year it has a warm climate accompanied by the gentle breeze of the Pacific that appeases the heat of summer and maintains a pleasant temperature in the winter months.

The temperature of the city is around 27 ° C during the summer and this drops to 18 ° C in the winter, a temperature that draws attention considering that other nearby cities have a much colder winter.

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