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When the Spanish conquistadors entered the domains of the Muisca Indians, they found a generous valley of spectacular foliage at 2,600 meters above sea level.

BOGOTÁ: Historia y modernidad en un solo lugar

Surrounded by verdant mountains and a special climate, it was a great relief for them after having explored the hot lands that border the great Magdalena River. In that savannah of comforting geography they found the best place to found a city where to settle permanently and where to start building a hopeful new life far from the old European continent.

What began as an establishment composed of a few huts and a precarious church is today a metropolis that grows incessantly and that from its tutelary hills of Monserrate and Guadalupe, represents the confluence of people from all corners of the country and also from all latitudes of this planet.

Accredited as one of the highest capital cities on the continent, it lives a hectic and dynamic life much closer to the stars than any other place and it is for that reason that its inhabitants always carry their heads high keeping their illusions and their spirits always up.

Bogotá, a city in permanent development and chosen by different cultures to settle and found a family, is today one of the largest cities in the Americas. With more than seven million inhabitants and 480 years of history was the domain of Zipa, great Muisca leader who called it «Bacatá» and that means «Land of tillage or cultivation», and there is nothing more accurate because for centuries thousands of men and women from multiple confines have carved out a future in this field in which cultivating always produces fruits.

Bogotá does not stop, it does not sleep. Bogotá is a city that tastes like ajiaco, tamal with chocolate and panela water with cheese, it is a capital that breathes culture, sport and constant transformation, it is a field of experimentation of fashion, music and world trends; it is a stage of progress and projection with full international vocation.As a city of the first order, Bogotá has all the necessary infrastructure to welcome its tourists; hotels, regional and world cuisine, great sports and cultural venues and places of attraction for visitors make up an attractive offer of this main tourism destination in Colombia and proudly of the world.

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