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The old city of Bern has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1983, thanks to its medieval architecture preserved through the centuries.

Capital of Switzerland, Bern is the ninth city in the world with the highest quality of life.

With its many fountains, sandstone facades, alleys and historic towers, the city offers a unique medieval air. The most beautiful view of the old town on the banks of the river Aare is enjoyed from the Rosengarten (rose garden) above the BärenPark (bear park) or from the platform of the 101-meter-high cathedral. The ancient forts and bastions are located high above the river. The boutiques, bars and cabaret theaters of the old town, partly in the basement vaults as well as the small street cafes attract both the inhabitants of the city as well as tourists. Despite the excellent public transport system, it is advisable to explore the center of Bern on foot.

The world’s most important collection of works by the artist Paul Klee is located in the Zentrum Paul Klee on the outskirts of the city. Albert Einstein’s house is testimony to the physicist’s stay in the early twentieth century in Bern, and can be combined with a visit to the Einstein Museum. In the historical museum, the art museum, the Swiss Alpine museum and the communication museum, among others, the city of Bern presents numerous exhibitions.

Bern is the seat of the government of Switzerland. Just a few steps from the main railway station is the impressive building of the «Bundeshaus». Usually, the doors of the parliament building are open for visitors and with a bit of luck you will find one of the members of the government in the alleys of the city.

In summer, the clean area also invites you to bathe; very good and experienced swimmers even enjoy swimming, a beautiful view of the nearby Bundeshaus. Also on the banks of the river are the botanical garden, the Dählhölzli Zoo and the old district of the city Matte. Bern and the bear, his heraldic animal, are closely linked. On a visit to the city you should visit the BärenPark (bear park), the living space of a family of bears.

The city is the gateway to the Alps, in central Switzerland. The capital is easily accessible by car or plane via Bern-Belp Airport, with bus links directly to the city center.

The gastronomy is rich and varied. Influenced by French, German and Italian cuisine, where products such as cheeses, pork and beef, fish, and chocolate are the protagonists of its dishes. … As far as the sweet is concerned, highlight the exquisite sweets of Bern and of course, the Swiss chocolate is so famous worldwide.

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