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Traveling to the Colombian Amazon is a unique experience. It’s called the lung of the world. Impressive, majestic, sublime It comprises about 40% of the Colombian territory and is the least populated area of the country. At the same time, it is part of the great South American region of the Amazon Rainforest, the largest forest area in the world that is shared by Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Guyana, Suriname and Bolivia. Consequently, the Amazon region of Colombia is the most forested. No matter how large it is, you will fall short of describing the essence of the Colombian Amazon, a destination that has no comparison in the world for its amazing diversity of fauna and flora (83 119 km²).

Juan Pablo Vega & María Mulata – Amazonas: Los cantos del agua

Here you will find the most exotic natural riches on the planet. All this is due to the imposing Amazon River, which is the longest in the world and is home to no less than 860 species of birds, 140 of amphibians, 85 of mammals, 147 of reptiles and 6,800 of plants.

To live this experience to the fullest, you can stay in cities like Leticia and then visit parks and nature reserves such as Amacayacu, Chiribiquete and Nukak. On your journeys to these places, you will find unusual wonders, such as the largest lotuses on the planet, floating in the calm waters of the lakes of the Colombian Amazon.

Likewise, you will find exotic animal species, such as macaws, cocks of the rocks, vultures, glass frogs, black alligators, a great variety of primates and, of course, the very particular pink dolphins, which happily sail the waters of the Amazon River.

If you are a lover of ecological and adventure tourism, you will also love this destination, as the amazing ecosystem of the Amazon will be conducive to having the most fun with activities such as hiking, tree climbing, rappelling, kayaking and canopy.

 keep in mind that it is essential that you get the yellow fever vaccine at least 15 days before traveling to the Amazon.

In addition, it is important that during your stay in this impressive region you take care of its nature and the life that is in it. And it is that the natural wealth of the Amazonas is also a product of cultural wealth, as indigenous peoples such as the YURI and the NUKAK inhabit the area, whose worldview is based on a deep respect for the land and its natural resources.

This is so to the point that Puerto Nariño, an Amazonian municipality, was the first in the country to be certified as a sustainable destination, due to the good use of water and energy resources, and the protection of fauna and flora.

That is why we invite you to get to know the Amazon and to have a deep connection with the nature of the region. We are waiting for you!


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